We import wines from:


Clos de l’Anhel
Sophie Guiraudon grows her wine on her 22½ acres in central Corbières. Her wines bear the mark of sunshine and a dry climate and have their basis in the traditional Corbières with strong tannin, dark berries and pepper. The methods she uses in her cellar give a lighter and fruitier character. A wonderful example of how tradition and new ideas can meet in beautiful harmony.
We stock:
   Lolo at 86 kr.
   Terrassettes at 105 kr.
   Les Dimanches at 135 kr. 


Domaine l’Arbousier
Eric Le Ho produces just the one wine: Gaussan. Rich in character and with lots of willpower – in the wine! Eric has 7½ acres in Corbières with old Carignan and Cinsault and younger Grenache and Mourvedre. The vines stand among each other in extreme drought and intense sunshine while Eric experiments with grafting in his efforts  to develop as rich a biodiversity as possible.
We stock:
   Gaussan at 140 kr.


Domaine Grand Guilhem
Gilles and Sèverin Contrepois produce their elegant wines on 31½ acres in Fitou. They grow Granache, Carignan, Syrah, Muscat and Macabeu. The high altitude location of the fields and Gilles’ careful craftsmanship in the cellar give the wines a delicate acidity and complex finish.
We stock:
   Corbéres Blanc at 98 kr.
   Corbéres Rosé at 86 kr.
   Fitou at 105 kr.
   Muscat Rivesaltes at 160 kr.


Chateau Pech Redon
In the heart of La Clape lies the beautiful Pech Redon surrounded by nature reservations. The unique climate with sea mists from the Mediterranean and a richness of plant and animal life give the wines their unique character with seaweed and wild herbs on the palette.
We stock:
   L’Epervier Blanc at 125 kr.
   L’Epervier Red at 125 kr.
   Les Cades at 95 kr.


Domaine St. Marie des Pins
Lively biodynamic wines from the 69acre domain of  Marie and Henri Gayzard  just south of Carcassonne. Their fields are surrounded by woodland, olive plantations and almond trees. Their wines are extremely drinkable with a good fruit acidity, gentle tones and a delicate edge of almonds.
We stock:
   Sauvignon Blanc at 69 kr.
   Chardonnay at 87 kr.
   Viognier at 87 kr.
   l'Orchidée at 85 kr.
   Rosé at 69 kr.
   Rouge Tradition at 69 kr.
   La soulane at 90 kr.


Jean-Claude Beirieu
On his 12½ acres south of the town of Limoux, Jean-Claude Beireau grows Mauzac, Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. He produces bubbling wines of the Blanquette type with sweetness and character. He also produces some red and white wines, all of which have their own gentleness full of soul. Jean-Claude is a member of Nature and Progress.
We stock:
   La Boheme at 115 kr.
   Cayrol at 105 kr.


Las Ribos
Ever relevant classics like Merlot or Chardonnay with generous aspects  of wooden barrels can be made extremely elegant. Christian Meuser demonstrates this to us with his beautiful wines. 21 acres just south of Limoux, a long life of experience and a good portion of skilled craftsmanship give us these  beautiful classics.
We stock:
   Chardonnay Tradition at 180 kr.
   Chardonnay Vielles Vignes at 235 kr.
   Merlot at 160 kr.


Zélige Caravent
Luc and Marie decided to take over Luc’s grandparents vineyard in the village of Corconne between Montpellier and Nimes. And we are very happy that they did. They produce punchy, delicate and charming wines with edge and cream.
We stock:
   Manouche at 135 kr.
   Ellipse at 125 kr.


Côte du Rhone

Domaine Faucon Doré
This family run domain in the northern end of the Southern Rhône plains produces both traditional spicey Rhône wines as well as some smoother and more fruity wines. Another good example of how the meeting between  traditional and  more modern  methods of production can result in a harmonious wine.
We stock:
   Selection at 88 kr.
   L’Authentique at 143 kr.
   Lou Sanglie at 136 kr.
   Triavitis at 91 kr.


Pascal Chalon
With  less than 25 acres and his cellar in his grandmother’s  old garage Pascal produces two excellent wines. Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre and Carignan make up this good Rhône mash with spices and wonderful fruits.
We stock:
   La Petite Ourse at 115 kr.
   La Grande Ourse at 145 kr.


Clos de Caveau
This fine Vacqueyras has its roots in fields which lie at a higher altitude than the traditional wines from the village. Surrounded by woodlands and with a rich biodiversity, the special microclimate gives some very aromatic wines with strength and edge.
We stock:
   Fruit Sauvage at 140 kr.
   Carmin Brillant at 161 kr.
   Lao Muse at 305 kr.


A single Italian managed to sneak in:

 Galileo Vini
Despite our deep frankophilia, we could not resist these juicy and highly drinkable Proseccos. Airy bubbles, rich aftertaste  and straight down your throat. Galileo Zaninotto produces a lovely fruity Frizzante and a dark Rosato with more acid and tannin which gives a good depth to the wine.
We stock:
   Frizzante at 95 kr.
   Rosato at 95 kr.


As well as our own imports, we also sell exciting bio-wines from Rosforth and Rosforth (www.rosforth.dk) and Petillant (www.petillant.dk) . We stock  a changing selection of wines from these two excellent wine dealers, please stop by and see what we have.


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