Wine is agriculture. Wine is craftsmanship. Wine is culture.

When we search for good wines in France, the first thing we look for is harvesting machines. If there is a wine harvester in the yard we drive straight on by. The next thing we look at is the wine grower’s hands. It’s easy to spot if the hands work in the fields and the cellar or whether they work at the computer. And the answer to the question as to why the farmer uses ecological methods gives us a good indication of whether we have come to the right place or not. We deal only with wines from small ecological growers. All of our wines are certified ecological. Many of them are biodynamic. We stock wines from growers who focus on biodiversity in their fields. It can generally be said that the greater the diversity of insects and plants in the fields, the stronger the vine stock and the more complex the wine. By working manually rather than with machines, the bio diversity will be better protected and the vine stock thrive all the better for the life surrounding it - to put it simply.

We believe that wine grown and made with the focus on good craftsmanship will be more interesting than industrial wine.

It is important for us that Nature’s cycle be respected, that the wine tastes good and that the growers base their work on their fundamental belief in the quality of  their craftsmanship and the quality of their wines.

Therefore we believe in the living qualities of our wines and  thus that the culture, both in the fields and in the drinking of the wines, is more living.

le Pinard